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(fun) mp-xtraores

Post by Thomas » Sun Aug 05, 2018 8:29 am

This mod adds 9 ores to the game:

* platinum: spawns 100 below sea level same as mese but less durable steel pick is required to mine
* cobalt: spawns 650 below sea level better than diamonds steel pick is required to mine
* osminum: spawns 1000 below sea level better than cobalt cobalt pick is required to mine
* adamantite: spawns 2000 below sea level better than osminum osminum pick is required to mine
* rarium: better than adamantite and requires adamantite breaker to be mined 5000 blocks below sea level
* antracite: really quality coal! works as 5pcs of regular coal in furnace, or can be crafted into special torches using 1 piece of antracite instead of coal, and 1 platinum bar instead of stick, 6000 blocks below sea level
* unobtanium: better than rarium requires rarium drill to be mined spawns 10000 blocks below sea level
* tatanium: starts 20000 blocks below sea level
* geminium: starts 30000 blocks below sea level

There is also marble that spawns:

* white: 1000 blocks below
* blue: 2000 below
* black: 4000 below
* red: 8000 below
geht auch, nach Neustart habe ich direkt einige neue Blocks und ores erhalten ... wieder Filter anpassen ... mhpf

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